Thursday, May 15, 2008

A year and a half later....

Well, it seems that I abandonded my poor little blog before it even got started. It's kind of crazy that I am overwhelmed by blogger when in my previous (unretired) life I was a programmer. This time it's the Tonner Doll Convention that brought me out of the woodwork. They have decided to do online updates for those of us who couldn't go to convention. I am crazy about Tonner dolls, especially Ellowyne Wilde, so after posting a comment to their blog I thought I ought to make an appearance on my own blog.

I have no clue if anybody reads these things. I know I have several quilter/embroiderer's blogs bookmarked that I read regularly, but if anybody is out there reading this, I will try to do it for real this time.

Until I get up to speed on posting pictures, please visit my page at Pinterest to check out my embroidery and doll sewing/crocheting. Thanks to anybody out there reading this!!

Okay, that wasn't so hard. Maybe we can do this!! If there are any doll folks reading this I am known on the boards as Leslie in CA.